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Electric car whizzes to victory on national TV

The Renault Twizy made a welcome return to our screens on Sunday night being one of the featured modes of transport in episode 1 of the new series of Top Gear.

As viewers of Top gear are aware, a challenge is set each week, often somewhere hot/fabulous/scenic, where the 3 presenters are up against each other. This is normally in the form of a race and the first episode of the new series carried on this trend.

The challenge was who would be able cross the urban sprawl of the stunning capital city of St Petersburg in Russia the quickest with Jeremy in a hovercraft, Richard on a bicycle and James driving a Renault Twizy, oh and The Stig amusingly using public transport.

Fantastically for electric motoring, the Twizy won the race. Small, agile, perfect for urban transport and windowless to keep cool (both in terms of body and mind). Despite many people’s initial prediction of the bike winning, the pitfalls of tram lines and the like were too much for the 9k bicycle.

twizy hire lake district

But its cool, calm electric motor, size and agility are also extremely suited to the narrow, twisty roads and passes of the Lake District of which the Langdale Hotel know only too well. Their fleet of Renault Twizy’s are getting hired more and more, even in the winter months. With a growing number of charging points in locations such as at the foot of Hardknott Pass, Dalegarth Station and in hotels towards the west coast, it means travelling from the Langdale Valley over to the Western Lake District can be done with enjoyment, over one of the most scenic roads in the UK.

Twizy’s have been around for a while but hopefully this latest piece of showcasing will encourage more Twizy use, hire and purchase especially in the Lake District where the preservation of the beautiful landscape and of its tranquillity is paramount.

For information on Twizy hire at the Langdale Hotel, visit https://www.langdale.co.uk/

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